Argument essay论文写作辅导

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辩论型论文(Argument Essay)也是留学生们经常会写到的Essay之一。萍萍essay代写的客服人员经常接到客户一些咨询一些诸如英语essay句型、essay常用句型、essay必备句型、英国论文句型等相关问题。留学生都应该知道,Essay写作最大的难点往往不在其内容上,而是由于Essay的种类繁多,不同的essay类型在写作侧重点上都不尽相同。以下是萍萍专业代写老师提供的argument essay论文写作辅导,希望留学生可以借鉴。


Some people say that we must obey and follow the tradition.d'others have said, we are free to do what we want. the robot in order to discuss and present your point of view.

we have the traditional and the freedom in the choice between? not always, from my point of view, mutually exclusive. in most cases the free will not exclude the traditional; the fact that, in most cases, the former can and must be one of them.

the gun is in a police uniform and strażaka.w, therefore, i can't carry a gun, just because the police in order to increase for self-defense, but violence.

"Less is more", and it actually accords with what I embrace for education. Simply, no one can be inherently adept at all subjects. Therefore, i disagree with the statement and insist that they should be assigned well-chosen tasks and be given adequate time to take part in extra-curricular activities.


In order to link.... with ...., the background to ... will be briefly outlined.  

most people believe that…, but other people regard… as…

The second part of this analysis will consider...  

As opposed to widely held ideas, I argue that…

Taking into account all these features, we may conclude that…

要想写好一篇argument essay,需要写下具体的写作计划。依据introduction, body, conclusion的逻辑部分制定相适应的写作计划,但是在写作过程中需要注意以下几个问题:

1.argument essay结尾的时候一定要点题,对于自己的观点一定要明确地表现出来;

2.argument essay的结构一定要清晰,四段式的结构比较实用:第一段先进行综述,第二、三段再根据需要进行分述,第四段需要对全文进行总结,需要注意的是,第二、三段是全文重点,一定要注意内容的可读性;

3.argument essay的写作尽量使用长句,避免过多的短句,如果有必要还需要适当加入一些结构相对复杂的桔子;

4.argument essay的写作尽量使用连接性的词组或单词。经常用到的如 first,second,moreover,furthermore,for one thing....for another, on the one hand....on the other等,可以适当选择放置位置,放在段首还是放置在文章中都需要根据实际需要,符合文章的条理性即可;

5.argument essay的第一句要能够清晰地表明观点,不要在第一句话就举例子。